Árpi Süle new editor-in-chief

November 7 2019

I have recently been editor-in-chief of this journal. It is a Dutch-Flemish scientific journal of one of the four main paradigms in the world of psychotherapy. Within this approach the client is primarily seen as a fellow human being. Someone with their own dignity and opportunities for growth, who wants to make something of his or her life, no matter the difficulties he/she experiences. In practice this means that the client knows most about his or her own life and ultimately about what helps him or her the most. The therapist's role is rather to help clients make contact with their own perceptions about this and to learn to trust this, than to tell them what is good for them and what is not. In other words, as therapists, we are at the same level as our clients. Fundamentally, we face the same challenges that are peculiar to life, and we have our own vulnerabilities that can make things very difficult for us during hard times. There is of course a lot to be said about this - but that is why we have a journal. In any case I feel very honored that I was asked for this position and in this way may contribute to the development of our therapy approach, which is very dear to me. Thank you very much for your trust Wies Verheul, our previous editor-in-chief, and Renate Geuzinge, Nicolette Bosselaar, Heidi Deknudt and Maaike Afschrift, the other members of our great editorial team. And although this journal has been a collaboration between the Dutch (VPEP - Association for Person-Centered Experiential Psychotherapy) and the Flemish (VVCEPC) client-centered associations for decades, the editor-in-chief has always been a Dutchman. But since as a migrant in Belgium you can never become a Fleming, only a Belgian, the first editor in chief from the Flemish side is not a Fleming but a Hungarian. "