Client-centered psychotherapy for adolescents-young adults

ARTICLESchetters, Hubertien - 40–4 (2002)


In this practice based article I describe a method of treatment, that I use when I am working with adolescents-young adults. Working with this group requires, in my opinion, a professional therapist with a special expertise.
Besides a possible personality disorder, a complicated phase of life problem is often actual. For adolescents-young adults a client-centered approach is important; it represents a strong basis to enable working process oriented and change oriented. Depending on the nature of the personality disorder, the extent of the phase of life problem and the abilities of the adolescent-young adult, a short term or focal psychotherapy is indicated; individual or in the (family) system or group.
On behalf of the amount of contradictory emotions, such as fear for rejection, shame and loyalty, one can hardly except these emotions. That is why providing frankness, insight, and overview, conducting negotiations and consulting together, are important conditions for the therapeutic relationship.
Structure, boundaries, differentiation and autonomy, are ever recurring themes, with which in a shearing, playing and experimental way is worked in the therapeutic process.
Working like this the adolescent-young adult gets his history back and he is able to start living, in stead of surviving, in the reality of the day.


adolescents, phase-specific